About Burgerfaire

Burgerfaire is fat for the common folk.  It is a little oasis, or rest stop, for the weary traveler of the information superhighway.  There are a lot of options out there for whatever sparks your interest.  This place has all of the things that stoke my internal fire.

Burgerfaire is hosted by Kelly McNiece.  An artist at times, a techie a times, he finds balance in the in-between.  He is passionate, compassionate, romantic, and host of other terms that are probably offensive to someone.

Kelly has been described as an art-thug, an asshole, the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, and a strange dude overall.  He isn’t any of those things.  He is just a human being trying to figure out the path he is supposed to be on to find the happiness everyone deserves in life.

If you are here, you wondered. Leave me a note. If I don’t answer, I’m on the road, busy at work, or just ignoring it all.